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Tips for Fire Restoration

3/25/2022 (Permalink)

Magnifying glass-Restoration house Prepare home for a fire with these useful tips

Tips for Fire Restoration

When it comes to fire restoration and repairing a home after a fire the time needed for restoring your property will depend on several different factors.

Small Fires may only take a day or two for Restoring whereas large spread fires that affect multiple floors could takes weeks if not even months for restoration and remediation.

If you have experience fire damage at your Wilson county home, use the below tips to get back to living your life and restoring your property back to it's pre-fire condition.

Contact a TRULY Professional Restoration Company

The first thing you need when dealing with fire damage is a professional fire restoration company. SERVPRO Wilson County is the industry leader when it comes to helping Wilson County residents with their fire damage restoration needs. Having a professional inspect the area for damage and truly understanding the scope of the restoration project is crucial. At SERVPRO we featured the most extensively trained Fire Restoration specialist that are all knowledgeable and licensed for these types of restoration projects.

Securing the Home

One thing most homeowners do not think of when it comes to your home post-fire is protecting it from trespassers and thieves.

Depending on the scale or magnitude of your fire damage, you may have to vacate / leave your home for several days or weeks during the restoration process. Leaving a home or property vacant can leave it unsecure.

Make sure when leaving your property that you utilize appropriate deadlocks and security accessories. This help to secure any valuables and possessions that are left behind.

Keep a Detailed Record

Another thing that is vitally important is keeping records. By keeping record of possessions, values, and losses it will help to make things smoother when it comes to dealing with your insurance agency. Take plenty of photographs of your damage and keep a file of any receipts, prices and quotes of your valuable possessions you would want to be reimbursed for and share it your agent and restoration company.

Contact the Pros

Even though the process of fire repair can be long, our goal is to make the process as easy as possible. If you’ve endured fire damage on your property, make the call to SERVPRO Wilson County  at (615) 449-5000 for a consultation to help get back to your life before the disaster!

Removing Smoke After a Fire

3/25/2022 (Permalink)

plant in burnt up twigs Fresh air helps your home that has been affected by a smoke damage or a fire.

Once you have gotten over the shock of a home fire, you'll typically begin to notice that there is a lingering smell of smoke. To remove and remediate this smoke smell after experiencing a fire is often a difficult job but you can rest assured with SERVPRO's restoration in Wilson County you will be in great hands. Here is how we begin to tackle Smoke Damage in your Home:

Air out your Home

The first thing we must do when it comes to the lingering smoke smell is to air out the home by opening windows and placing portable fans in strategic places throughout the house that will begin to pull the air out of the room. Additionally we will begin to clear out furniture.

Positive Pressure Usage

The Positive Pressure Method is used in ventilation when we force air into a structure through an opening.  Once the air forced into the area it will seek the path of least resistance into the structure.If the opening it utilizes as an exit is three quarters or less the size of the initial opening, there remains a residual positive pressure in the compartment where the air is being forced in to. This positive pressure pulls the smoke and heat inside a compartment and moves it out of the controlled ventilation exit with the air being forced through the front ventilation opening.

True Deep Clean of your Property 

To fully remove the smoke from your home, a deep cleaning of the home must happen. Once of the tricks is using baking soda to deodorizer the area. Additionally SERVPRO may utilize the falling cleaning:

Pressure Washing, Washing Walls and Hard Surfaces, as well as applying specialized cleaners throughout the home.

Smoke Damage is a Job for the Pros

When it comes to Smoke Damage after a fire it's typically best to leave the issue to the Pros -  then it’s time to call SERVPRO Wilson County  Contact us 24/7 at (615) 449-5000 today for help! Our team has decades of experience at restoring homes from fire damage and will help you get your home free of smoke and fire damage quickly and safely.

Attics and Basements

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water damage in a basement boots in water Know who to call when you notice a damage in your basement or attic.

The parts of our homes that change the most are attics and basements. In the summer, heat is a problem for attics. In winter, it's cold. In basements, there is always moisture and water damage from leaks. Pests live in both areas because they have lots of places to hide! This is why it’s best to know where a Water Damage Company Near me would be located to help you figure out a plan of attack after you find water damage in those locations. Here’s what you can expect to happen if you decide that fast action isn’t a priority:

Moisture Issues in the Attic

If your roof leaks, the attic will be wet. But it might not always be that simple. Attic moisture and mold could come from many things like poor ventilation or appliance issues. When there is no good ventilation, damp air is allowed to stay in the attic space which causes water vapors to saturate the pores of materials in the attic.

Furthermore, if electrical wiring is found in an attic or ceiling, shorted wires might create a fire hazard. This is why it's critical to turn off the electricity to the affected area and have an electrician check for damage.

Mold and Mildew in the Basement

Everyone's basements are prone to flooding because of their low-lying area. Water always runs from high to low ground, and this means that under the right circumstances your basement becomes an unwanted swimming pool. Some residential homes and business are more prone to this issue to other. For the one's that aren't necessarily prone to flooding, doesn't always mean you are out of the woods as sometimes there is moisture that has built up that is unseen.  In these types of cases where you can smell a damp, musty odor in your basement, it is nearly always mold or mildew related. Rusty marks or water stains around the base of walls and standing appliances can also be a sign of water damage in your basement.

Mold can grow in basements due to condensation from HVAC systems and sluggish plumbing leaks. Mold, on the other hand, might be a symptom of a larger problem. Since mold can have a serious impact on your health if you are exposed to it for too long, it's critical that you get expert help to eliminate any mold in your homes or business.

Next Steps After Attic or Basement Water Damage

If the water damage in your attic or basement was caused by heavy rainfall or a natural disaster, you can start removing it straight away. To successfully deal with water damage, you need to know what signs to look for and where to look for them. It’s also good to know that you can call SERVPRO Wilson County  Contact us 24/7 at (615) 449-5000 today for help in such situations.

Do I Need SERVPRO for Water Clean-Up?

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Drying equipment placed in this home To speed up the drying process, we place drying equipment underneath and dry affected materials from below.

Do I need SERVPRO for water clean-up?

Wilson County (

Every water disaster is different, from the amount of water to the level of contamination of the water. This is why if your home has been hit by water damage due to a flood or severe storm it’s essential that you get the water cleaned up quickly to ensure your property stays intact and free from mold and other damages in the future.

The Big Toll of Flood Damage to Homeowners

Floods are serious problems for homeowners. They’re severe enough to cause $40 billion worth of damage worldwide every year. If nothing else, floods can be a health risk for you and your family. That’s why flood clean-up is essential. The process can take several months and can cause lots of damage if you’re not prepared.

Keeping Mold and Mildew from Sticking Around

Water flooding will almost certainly generate mold in well-ventilated areas of your property that aren’t cleaned quickly following a flood. These molds are formed at the corner regions of the room and even over the surfaces which are porous. As mold and mildew start developing quickly, it’s essential to act fast to prevent it from spreading and creating bigger issues.

SERVPRO’s Process for Water Remediation

After a thorough property assessment, the highly trained technicians at SERVPRO Wilson County begin the water removal process, using powerful submersible pumps in addition to industrial strength, wet/dry vacuums. Removing most of the water helps reduce drying time and helps prevent secondary water damage and mold and bacterial growth. Our team also is adept at using these water removal equipment types on water damaged properties:

  • Moisture detectors, hygrometers, and other meters measure the extent of moisture saturation.
  • Infrared cameras may be used to find “hidden” water behind walls and ceilings.
  • Submersible and gas-powered pumps are used for continuous pumping of high-level water.
  • Truck-mounted and portable extraction units perform efficient water removal.

Getting in Touch with the Trusted Team at SERVPRO Wilson County

Following a flood that has left your property with water damage galore, it’s essential that you turn to SERVPRO Wilson County for water damage restoration services. Get ahold of our team today to start on the path towards restoration by calling our office at (615) 449-5000!

Signs of a Water Leak

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leaking faucet Don't let untreated water leaks affect your home.

WATER - SERVPRO Wilson County - Signs of a Water Leak

You cannot do anything until you know you have a water leak. Often times water leaks happen in areas of our home or business that aren't necessarily visible such as in the walls, between flooring and ceiling or even under the foundation or basement itself. Below are some of the most common tell-tale signs that you are currently experiencing a water leak without necessarily seeing it with your own two eyes. If any of these appear to be true contact our Water Damage Repair Specialists here at SERVPRO Wilson County.

You See Your Water Bill Skyrocket

Most homeowners are aware with the amount of their monthly water bill. So, when your water bill increases drastically for no apparent reason, you should be concerned. If your water bill has grown significantly this year compared to last year and you have not altered your water usage patterns significantly, then you may have a leaky pipe on your hands.

You Smell Musty Odors

Moisture that has been absorbed into construction materials such as sheetrock or drywall gives off a strong musty aroma. This implies the next time you encounter a musty odor in a room, you should look into it rather than making excuses. Musty scents might be an indication of dampness, which is often caused by mold and mild

Loose, Warped, or Buckled Flooring

In the shower room of a home, there are usually some standing water puddles on the floor from previous showers or leaks from beneath your shower pan. A constant dampness in your floor may be an indication that water is leaking from your shower pan and warping the underlying floorboards. If you have no particular reason to be wet, a leak may be occurring and you will need to contact a plumber to stop the leak before we can proceed with restoring any damage.

What to do With Water Damage

Undetected leaks, if left untreated, can do a lot of damage to the fundamental structures of your home. If you suspect there might be a leak that needs fixing, never hesitate to call SERVPRO Wilson County  Contact us 24/7 at (615) 449-5000 today for help in such situations.

What Can SERVPRO do in Nashville TN?

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men cleaning up after a large damage Dealing with propery damage can be stressful...Call SERVPRO to alleviate that stress and clean up for you.

Fire damage is not simply fire damage because the presence of fire damage can lead to water damage and smoke. This is why it’s important to know which local Nashville, TN company to turn to when dealing with all types of property restoration services. Here are several reasons why it’s best to contact the team at SERVPRO Wilson County if you’re looking for a fast response to prevent unnecessary damage and restore your commercial or residential property to its original beauty.

SERVPRO Wilson County Services

Dealing with property damage can be stressful. For those that reside in Nashville, TN, SERVPRO Wilson County is your top choice to handle a wide variety of your property restoration project needs. Many property owners in the area choose us because they can depend on our team for these key services:

Why We’re Preferred By Our Customers

When you work with SERVPRO Wilson County, you can expect an immediate response time, day or night. We do this because we understand that a quick response can help minimize damages, and get you back to normal as soon as possible. This can save you lots of money, alleviate your home restoration headaches, and help you get back to living a normal life in no time.

You can expect to get a SERVPRO of Wilson County representative to answer the phone after hours and on the weekends. Even if you call after normal business hours, our on call team member will ask the right questions to prepare our team of professionals to provide you with emergency services.

Getting in Contact with SERVPRO Wilson County

The state of your home after flooding or fire can make the family extremely stressed. Thankfully, the team at SERVPRO Wilson County is able to sweep in and begin clean-up, remodeling, and damage control at the shortest notice. You will be amazed at how relieved you feel when you know that experts are busy making your home livable once again. If you’re ready to get the process started on your home restoration project, don’t delay in calling our team immediately at (615) 449-5000 today!

Why to Call SERVPRO if You Had a Water Damage

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Mold after a water damage on wall Mold growth can start to form as soon as 24-48 hours after a water damage has occurred and left untreated.

While we require water to live, when water damages our houses and property, it must be addressed and resolved as quickly as feasible to avoid additional and costly damage. Water in your house is one of the most damaging and devastating things that can happen to you as it will destroy everything from roofing, walls, flooring, possessions and potentially cause health issues such as mold. Thankfully though, no matter the size of job - how bad or extensive the water damage is, there are restoration steps on how to deal with flood damage and how to find WATER DAMAGE REPAIR IN WILSON COUNTY once it has been discovered.

The Goal of Water Damage Restoration

The goal of SERVPRO Restoration is to make it "Like it never even happened." meaning restore the home or property back to it's preloss condition. If walls are damaged ultimately - the walls must be rebuilt, but this is not the case until the new area's aesthetics are comparable to that of the surrounding wall. Carpet restoration following water damage is also done in a similar manner. The unusable portion must be removed; if no suitable replacement can be found, you may consider replacing the entire carpet to restore your room completely.

Safety First

When it comes to restoration the most important step and thing is your and your families safety. In any major home disaster first and foremost ensure your family is safe no matter if it's water damage or a flood. There are a couple of things you can do when it is safe to return to the home such as turning off the power (if you can safely do so). Never enter or re-enter a flooded home before turning off electricity!

Water Restoration Solutions

When it comes to Water Restoration Services the amount of restoration that needs to be completed or performed will be dependent on the severity of the damage sustained. In some water damage cases, SERVPRO placing Air Movers and our Dehumidifying Equipment will be enough to truly dry out the property whereas in other cases we will need to remove walls (drywall), flooring, and clean and disinfect certain surfaces to prevent mold. However extensive your water damage is, it’s important to call SERVPRO Wilson County Contact us 24/7 at (615) 449-5000 today for help in such situations.

What to Do to Assess Storm Damage in Wilson County

3/18/2022 (Permalink)

Stormy sky. Lightening Do you know what to do when lightening strikes?!

After a storm has passed through our community or neighborhood - especially a strong one that causes damage it can take you off guard. After the storm has passed and when it is safe it is important to assess the property to determine if damage has occurred and get started with any potential cleanup and restoration. SERVPRO of Wilson County is here to help with your Storm Damage Repair in Lebanon and all of Wilson County.

Below is some helpful information about different types of storms that can bring on damage to your property and how you may be able to protect its value.

Winter Storm Damage

Winter Storms not only wreck havoc but also can cause the formation of Ice Dams. Ice dams are caused by heavy snowfall or ice build-up on your roof. These can go undetected and cause many problems, not the least of which is water damage in addition to structural deterioration and leaks. When water builds up in an ice dam, it backs up under shingles, leaks into a house, and causes major water damage to your property.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a problem for several different reasons. While not only creating an inconvenience - more seriously it can cause major damage to your home or business. If you see visible frost on the outside of your exposed pipes, detect slow or uneven water flow across your property, or feel your walls getting damp, it's critical that you act fast. Even if your pipes haven't entirely burst, it's a good idea to reach out to a restoration expert to prevent any further damage.

Storm-Related Flood Damage

The Government agency to which tracks annually losses from storms - Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported that storm based flooding and hurricane force winds in 2019 in the U.S. totaled a staggering $9 billion to commercial businesses alone. When severe weather strikes, you'll want to inspect your commercial property's ceilings, walls, flooring, kitchen cabinets, and contents (furniture and clothing) as soon as possible. Water damage may cause significant issues in the future if left unchecked.

Who Do You Call For Assistance?

Contact the trusted team at SERVPRO Wilson County Contact us 24/7 at (615) 449-5000 today for help in such situations.

What is the Best Preparation Before and After a Storm?

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Thunder in the sky over a city Be prepared for the spring storms

Wilson County (

Spring is a wonderful time of year. Unfortunately, Spring can also come with rain, hail, high winds, tornadoes and whatever else Mother Nature has in store. Preparing before a severe storm hits is essential to potentially reducing storm damage to your home. Learn what the best way that you can prepare for an upcoming storm and what to do after a severe storm hits your neighborhood.

Pre-Storm Prep

Often, by the time we are aware of an approaching storm, we have no time to prepare for it! Luckily, you can take many of the same precautions for storms as you would for other natural disasters which includes doing the following:

  • Keep an emergency kit on hand
  • Have a plan for where to seek shelter
  • Practice your emergency or evacuation plan at least once a year

When the Storm Arrives on Your Doorstep

If you are on alert for an impending storm, here are some additional ways to prepare yourself and your home:

  • Secure or store outdoor furniture to stop it from being carried away by the wind
  • Ensure that everyone in your family knows how to shut off gas, water, and electricity in the case of a very severe storm
  • Ensure that loose branches from trees and bushes around your home are removed
  • Make sure your emergency kit is easily accessible and that your communication plan is ready to be activated

Post-Storm Assessment

Depending on the severity of the storm, you may need to check your home for potential damage – be careful of broken glass, exposed power lines, or other hazards as you do so. If you smell burning or gas, shut off the power or gas valve in your home, and get outside quickly before calling emergency services and your gas company.

Who to Turn to Once the Storm Leaves Town

Knowing how to prepare your home and family before, during, and after a storm can help you stay safe and recover as quickly as possible following any severe weather. If you’ve incurred storm-related damage on your Nashville, TN property then it’s imperative that you call SERVPRO Wilson County at (615) 449-5000 for a fast and effective assessment to help you get your property back to its pre-storm state.

Planning for Fire Damage

3/10/2022 (Permalink)

Corkboard with sticky notes on it saying emergency plan Be sure to have your emergency plan close by.

Knowing the warning signs before a fire spreads in your home might be the difference in saving your home, possessions, or better yet even your LIFE. It is vitally important to know the key points of Fire Detection which can help you get to safety quickly during a home fire as well as help you find the best Fire Restoration Near Me and get started on the fire repair process so it's "Like it never even happened."

  • Use Common Senses

If you notice an increase in smoke, this could be a sign of a fire. You'll need to take a few extra seconds to think about your escape route and practice the safest way for you to escape a building if there is a fire. If you hear loud noises from upstairs, it might be an indication that the ceiling has caught on fire, which is the time to use your common sense and immediately evacuate. Stay calm and don't panic as it can make escaping more difficult.

  • Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are one of the most important ways to protect you and your home from fires. They detect smoke before it rises, which is one of the principal indicators of fire. Smoke detectors give off an audible warning if they detect smoke or some other type of high-temperature inferno. It's always good practice to test your smoke detector every few months to make sure that it is working properly.

  • Fire Alarm Systems

A smoke detector is designed to measure the level of smoke in your household and alert you to a possible fire. Smoke alarms can be battery operated or hardwired into your home's electrical system. Hardwired smoke detectors are powered when the power is turned on, while battery-operated ones need to be periodically replaced.

A fire alarm system also monitors the levels of smoke in the air and sounds an alarm when it exceeds a certain threshold (this varies depending on the system). This type of fire alarm includes manual call points for evacuation and notification devices such as strobes and horns.

After a Fire Has Affected your Home

Good fire practice and the upkeep of fire alarms, detectors and training is imperative to give you, your family or anyone present in your building a better chance of surviving a blaze. If your property has been affected by a fire, be sure to call  SERVPRO Wilson County  Contact us 24/7 at (615) 449-5000 today for help! Our team has decades of experience at restoring homes from fire damage and will help you get your home free of smoke and fire damage quickly and safely.