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SERVPRO Wilson County : The Effects of Mold

2/10/2021 (Permalink)

The Effects of Mold 

Wilson County (https://www.SERVPROwilsoncounty.com

Whether it is a cold, damp winter or a warm, humid summer, activities at home can result in moisture indoors and the appearance of mold. What should your reaction be like when you discovered mold in your home? To determine that, we need to understand what mold is, what it’s good for and how dangerous it is for humans to determine what your course of action should be if/when you find spores in your space. 

What is mold? 

Mold is a fungus that can spread through excessive moisture inside and outside of your commercial building. Bacteria are nearly 13 percent of the world’s biomass. Fungi — yeast, mold and mushrooms — make up about 2 percent of life on Earth. This is exponentially more than humans, which make up only one ten-thousandth of the life on Earth. 

What is mold good for? 

Mold isn’t all bad. These spores are essential for breaking down plants and trees, returning their vital constituents to the soil for future growth. Some of the products of mold?metabolism have great importance. For example, a mold called Rhizopus produces fumaric acid, which can be used in the production of the drug cortisone. Other molds can produce alcohol, citric acide, oxalic acid, or a wide range of other chemicals. 

Is mold dangerous for humans? 

For the sake of most instances of indoor mold regarding humans however, it may be most definitely dangerous. Mold can grow on a damp surface after only 48 hours following a flood or heavy rainstorm. This fungus could result in health effects. For those who are allergic, they may produce health effects, no different from dog and cat dander.

What to do if you find mold spores in your home? 

Abnormal mold spore counts on your property could result in structural damage and health effects for those who come into close proximity with it. After a flood or water leak, it can easily spread throughout an entire building, causing permanent structural damage if not remediated quickly. If you have found mold spores are forming in your home, make sure to call SERVPRO Wilson County at (615) 449-5000 for a consultation to assess the area and formulate a plan to restore your property to its original non-mold condition. 

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