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SERVPRO Mold Damage Watertown

3/8/2017 (Permalink)

If you have mold growing in your home, don't touch it. Call the experts at SERVPRO and we will make it "Like it never happened."

Removing excess water and moisture is not enough to eliminate the threat mold poses to your home. It is simply the first step to stopping an infectious spore growth that can easily cause as much damage to a structure and other property as water or fire.

Mold damage in Watertown homes has to be dealt with quickly to return them to their original state. If this process takes too long, then the resulting permanent damage can be extensive. SERVPRO defines four tasks necessary to accomplish this and return you to your apartment or house as quickly as possible.

First Step - Containment
Our response team makes certain the mold does not spread to uncontaminated areas of your home and to protect anyone that may enter these areas during the remediation process in underway. To do this, we install containment barriers (plastic sheeting) at entrances and exits.
Next, team members establish air movers and exhaust fans to create negative air pressure in the contaminated area. Negative air blows loose mold spores and those dislodged by remediation outside your home. At the same time, we also tape shut your HVAC vents to prevent mold from blowing into other rooms of your home.

Second Step - Remove Contamination
Our actions here depend on the type of surface. Porous materials such as drywall and fabrics (curtains) that have visible mold growth are thrown out. We clean nonporous surfaces like glass, marble and many plastics that resist mold.
Technicians use specially designed vacuums with HEPA filters to remove loose mold from damp surfaces and mold covering dry surfaces. These filters are made to catch even a single spore from your property.

Third Step - Clean Surfaces
Team members clean all surfaces in two directions: From top to bottom and with the airflow. These motions support the negative air pressure previously established and make it more efficient. Dry surfaces may only require wiping down with soft cloths while a wet surface may require using one of the anti-fungal or anti-microbial cleaners we keep on-hand.

Fourth Step - Dry the Structure
With cleaning completed, the emphasis is now on preventing spores from expanding and growing again. Our technicians add dehumidifiers to the air movers and exhaust fans already in your home to lower the air moisture levels which forces mold spores back into an inert state.

Remediating the effects of mold growth is a lengthy process. SERVPRO of Wilson County is here to make it as painless as possible and get you back into your home. Call us at (615) 449-5000 today if you suspect there is a problem and want one of our inspectors to take a look.

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