Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Remediation for a Mount Juliet Crawlspace

This Mount Juliet's home crawlspace had been affected by a water damage, which caused flooding of the crawlspace and mold remediation. SERVPRO of Wilson County work with the finest equipment in the industry to quickly remediate mold in your home/crawlspace. Call SERVPRO of Wilson County 24/7 at (615)449-5000.

Old Hickory Home Has a Mold Problem

The mold stain on this wall in an Old Hickory house spread from an internal leak. A SERVPRO technician found the source of the moisture and fixed that problem. He then scrapped away the mold from the damaged area, applied an antifungal product, and returned to check a week later. "Like it never even happened."

Mold Damage – Mount Juliet Bathroom

Mold damage occurred in this Mount Juliet bathroom when the caulking around the tub hardened and cracked. That allowed moisture to creep through the cracks into the structural components behind the tile.

Mold Damage – Mount Juliet Bedroom

Mold damage at this Mount Juliet home’s bedroom was caused by condensation from the other side of the wall where a bathroom was positioned. We were required to cut out a portion of the drywall and patch a small leak before drying the entire area.

Mold Remediation for a Hickory Bathroom

The leakage was ignored until the musty smell called out for mold remediation in this Hickory Home. The sink and base cabinet were removed and discarded due to a very heavy mold infestation. This wall should also be demolished and the area sanitized before a rebuild can begin.

Destroyed Bathroom Wall from Mold

This Old Hickory home's bathroom wall was demolished to expose the breath of the infestation. The visible mold blotched wall panel was also removed and discarded according to local code. Our SERVPRO team was then ready to continue with the remediation.

Mold Damage – Mount Juliet

Mold damage in Mount Juliet like mold damage at any location often requires the construction of containment areas to prevent mold spores from circulating throughout the home or building in which they are located. Here is an example of a mold containment area constructed by SERVPRO of Wilson County.

Nashville Mold Containment

This hallway showed several mold patches on the ceiling and the carpet caused by a water leak. As our SERVPRO of Wilson County techs dried out the flooring, we sealed the unaffected areas to help prevent mold spores from migrating. Containment is an important element in mold remediation.

Nashville Home Mold Damage

This home had a water leak leading to extensive Nashville mold damage. Mold not only severely damages a home, but it also produces irritants and allergens which could have adverse health effects for the home’s occupants. SERVPRO of Nashville has trained and certified professionals that are familiar with mold growth. They work with the finest equipment in the industry to quickly remediate the mold in your home. Call SERVPRO of Wilson County 24/7 at (615) 449-5000.